USDAA NW Regional 2010

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This is our second year going to the USDAA NW Regional hosted by Red Hot Rovers at the Argus Ranch in Auburn WA.

We had a FABULOUS time!!!! The site is wonderful and the club really outdoes themselves in putting on this show!!! And there raffle is really fun. The club also has what they call a buddy system for people flying in for the trial. They provide the extra stuff that you can't fly in like chairs, coolers and crates. What a great idea!!! It really made the trip so easy and yet so comfortable at the trial.



We went to a Christmas tree farm and saw the most lovely and perfect trees!


We stopped at a local fruit stand and picked up some healthy snacks…..


Mushy loved the cherries and the peaches!


Argus Ranch has a Dorm area. We stayed here and it was a first for both of us. Never having stayed in a dorm it was quite a nice experience. There are 9  bedrooms, bathrooms on each floor, a nice size kitchen and 3 common rooms. People and their dogs just hung out after the trial and it was a whole bunch of fun!!


The very first potty break in Washington Daneen took Masher to potty under a pine tree. Masher came up limping….. after a quick inspection we found he had pine sap all between his pads. We learned that butter takes sap out of the fur in a jiffy!



Argus Ranch is right on the river. The weather was in the 90's the first day and I felt really bad for all the local people because they were all melting. From the Dorm we could see a steady stream of people tubing down the river and it looked like so much fun. That is something I would like to try someday.

We took Masher down to the river to play for a bit… The water was sooooo cold that I am thinking that tubing does not sound that fun :0



Daneen was playing with Masher and while I realize I really do need a better camera I thought this photo was kinda cool.


We ate at Mama's Steak and Pasta the second night. What a treat that was. It was very homey and it felt like you were in your "kooky" was super nice aunt's home for dinner. The food was super yummy and I can't wait to go back for another visit!


Masher and Daneen won the 12" Steeplechase and 12" Grand Prix for the second year in a row.

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  1. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Very cool pictures and very cool story! I do like the one blurry photo of Mashy….but I’m all for a new camera for you also!

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