Update on the Sable Merle Issue…..

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So Bob Myers resigned from his position as CCA president!!! Still not clear as to what the reason was so I won’t speculate on that.  He presented the board with 3 names to be on the standard revision committee. BUT here is where he fucked up. He worded it standard review committee and REALLY did not give clear instructions to the board or the membership. He gave murky wording at best…. then he quits and NOBODY knows what the hell is going on.

I have asked on the CCA Closed list ” What is the board voting on???? The committee to be formed OR the the people on the committee?” The other question that has been asked several times on the CCA Closed list is ” When is the board voting on the standard revision committee?” That has also not been answered!!

The CCA Closed list got very heated. You had members asking questions or giving their opinion and they were pretty much slammed by a handful of people. Actually the same old handfull of people that shit spews out of their mouths on a regular basis.

We saw responses like ” If you don’t like the way things are. LEAVE. The CCA won’t miss you” Start your own Club” It was pretty awful. And when these people were called out for their rude reemarks they said shit like ” I didn’t MEAN that … I was just making a suggestion”  Then we had one “pillar” in the CCA try the “” Can’t we just all get along” route and then listed a bunch of so called FACTS… Some of which were quickly corrected. 

BLAH BLAH BLAH …. same old shit….. We will take your dues money but you had better not say anything that goes against the chosen few that run the CCA!!!!

SO the CCA closed list is either on complete moderation or maybe only a few lucky ones are getting moderated….. either way here is the link to the new OPEN CCA list. All is fair game …. just be nice 🙂


Click to join OPEN_CCA_List

Click to join OPEN_CCA_List

The poison that runs through the CCA has NOTHING to do with the SABLE MERLE….


2 Responses to Update on the Sable Merle Issue…..

  1. Reply Dianne Stretch-Strang says:

    It’s a shame this kind of stuff has to go on. I really wonder why some people are dog breeders, they seem to be such hateful, spiteful people. As for the sable merle issue, I just don’t get it–has anyone looked at the Canadian standard? Why not use that? How come we could be sensible about it but the CCA can’t? Oh, yeah, the hateful, spiteful people! Around and around it goes!

  2. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    I liked the one comment from someone who said that the majority of a member’s CC club thought she was “a pain in the ass”. And then came back and said that’s just how she talks ~ she really didn’t mean it. I hope these members are put on moderation for crap like this. Good luck with the new group. I so would rather ride my horses and whelp my puppies.

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