The Sydney x Slade pups are here!!!!!!!

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Syd’s temp. dropped late Sat. early Sun. By Mon. am she had not progressed any further. I took her to my repro. vet to have an ultrasound and check the puppies heart rates to make sure they were not in distress.
They all sounded fine, I opted for a C-section because Syd had already been in stage 1 labor for 36 hours. I did not want to take the chance of her tiring out and still maybe having to go in and get 1 or more pups.

I have never had to do a C-section and it was very interesting. The ultra sound showed 4…I guessed 6. Well just about the entire staff and myself were needed to help once the pups were delivered…..We had pup after pup!!! For a total of 10 puppies!!!!! 6 boys and 4 girls.

Sydney and the pups are all settled in at home now and Syd. is the very best mom!!! She woke up and started cleaning them right off the bat. Good girl Syd!!!!


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