The Opposition’s COL ad

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This ad done by the opposition was in extremely poor taste!!! I wanted to cry when I saw the ad….. They used a obvious pet quality collie to make a point. This dog was probably the love of someones life…. that brought love, joy and happiness to his or her family. Shame on you whoever did this ad and threw the pet dogs under the bus just to make your point.

There are pet quality collies is EVERY color!!!!!

I was not able to copy and paste the ad it just went straight to the SRC booklet.

So here is the link  Poor, Poor classless ad done by the "concerned"

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  1. Reply Megan says:

    Oh, I was so disappointed when I saw that ad… as a Sheltie person but a longtime Collie fan, I’ve been watching the recent Standard-revision debate with great interest. This recent ad was in such poor taste – of course the dog on the left has a preferable expression, it’s a show-quality Collie! Apples and oranges. And yes, it bordered on the cruel, to the person who loves the dog on the right.
    A far, far better way to have done it would be to take the same show-quality dog and use Photoshop (or something similar) to alter the dog’s eye-color: same skull, same eyeset, same ears, merled eyes. This would have allowed for an honest evaluation of how eye color can affect expression, instead of a below-the-belt punch.

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