The Holy Grail of Bras.

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I am hoping that I have found the Holy Grail of bras. The name seems to lead me to think so. The Enell NO BOUNCE bra!!! And it just came in the mail today. I am so excited I can hardly stand my little self.

I have had the worst issues with bras. I once went to a 4 day circuit and we stayed on the showgrounds. I had a nightmare that I didn't bring any bras. Woke up and it was true!!!! Diana was staying in the RV next to us and I borrowed one of her bras. 5 sizes too small around the body and 6 cups sizes too small!!! THAT was a sight. Luckily I saw a friend that was driving back and forth to the shows and told her my problem. She brought me a sports bra to wear the rest of the weekend. I still have her bra and it went to the Caribbean with me. Lucky bra.

I have had the best luck with sports bras but the straps go around you closer to your neck and are very unsightly and make for ugly photos.


See what I mean!!!!

Just last month I was at another show and packed the wrong bras!!! I had asked a friend to photograph my dogs for me. Well after the first time around the ring the girls were making a break for it!!! I spent half of the time stuffing them back in and half of the time baiting my dog. It was AWFUL!!!!! As I was going around the ring I told my photographer friend to ONLY shoot the dog as I was having wardrobe malfunctions. We all laughed!!!! And the bummer was the judge is not into girls…. So my billowing bossoms didn't help me in the least!!!

I have heard on lots of horse lists that the Enell NO BOUNCE bra is WONDERFUL. I finally broke down and bought one I will wear it this weekend and will report back.

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  1. Reply diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Fuk King FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had forgotten about those shows!!! My little excessively padded Victoria Secret bras!!!
    Please post a new picture of the bra in action AND you know Photoshop for those other unsightly sports straps in your pictures!!
    LOVE JUNE BUG!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Reply Jolene says:

    looks awesome……looking forward to hearing if you like it…I’m always in the market for a no bounce comfortable bra!

  3. Reply Jolene says:

    looking forward to hearing if you like it!……I am always in the market for a no bounce comfortable bra!!

  4. Reply Kathy M says:

    Amen, I am so excited and can not wait for the report (I have quite a few bra issues myself), your blog is where we can learn about collies, raw food and bras, happenings in the dog world, LOL, who needs to read anything else to be well informed, THANKS!!!!

  5. Reply ETSjules says:

    Funny!!! I will have a full report on Monday!!!

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