The girls are here!!!!!!

We are beyond excited here at the ranch that josephine 2 and 3 made it all the way from Oregon happy and healthy!!!! They are bedded down all snug as bugs in their new home. They are both the cutest little pigs ever!!! We bought them when they were about twelve weeks old and I had the hardest time finding trasportation for 2 little piggies….well by the time I found them a ride they just about didn’t fit in a size 500 crate!!!!! CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!!!!!! These photos were taken on a cellphone….better pics to come.The_girls

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  1. Reply Nicole says:

    Im in WA state and I love your pigs! I have been trying to find this breed but I can’t find anyone local. You said you got your sows from someone in Happy Valley OR. Thats not too far from where I live in WA is there by chance a way I could get their info to get myself a breeding pair for my family farm. We are starting our farm and we are trying to keep everything heritage breeds. Thanks so much!
    Soon to be … Mama’s Barefoot Farms 🙂

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