Stupid, thoughtless dog show people………..

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I just don't get it …… If you pay to enter your dog in a show…… Fucking suck it up and show your dog!!!!

It cost money to enter the show , drive to the show and to show up ringside and find out that there are ZERO points in your breed… SUCKS!!!!!

This has happened to me in Arizona with Collies and it just happened in CA at the Mission Circuit with Collies !!!

LOSERS!!!!!!! I just don't get it.

My friend has had this happen to her AGAIN just last month and her blog post about it made me almost Peter Pants….. I don't think I have ever read a blog post that had my mouth drop like this one…..



3 Responses to Stupid, thoughtless dog show people………..

  1. Reply Jolene McCuaig says:

    so sad that people pull there dogs isn’t it, you would think they would show they’re dogs, if you win, super, you’ll be out of the classes sooner.
    this doesn’t happen as much in Canada but when I was showing in the states I really noticed it.

  2. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Amen. Someone else who isn’t afraid to speak their unpolitically correct mind.

  3. Reply Candice says:

    Jolene – Canadians are nicer!!!! XD Except when they come after me with wine bottles. (Obscure joke, Julie!!) I really despise people who ruin the sport for everyone like this. I know of a kennel here doing some pretty despicable stuff too (but on the other end of the spectrum, entering, say, a Blue Merle class with 12 of their Merles (when there are 15 total) in order to dominate the competition. It’s really sick to me.

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