Soleil X Edge candids

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Took the pups outside for the first time. They got to have a playdate with the badger.

My little camera is great for most things but REALLY sucks for puppy pics!!!!



Cardiff, Alton and the Badger







Cardiff and Bristol















9 Responses to Soleil X Edge candids

  1. Reply Jolene says:

    ok, I need names!!, except for the 2 roughs, I have no idea which ones the smoothies are!….I REALLY like the one that has a head shot by the pool though :))
    do you notice that Cardiff always seems to be barking or howling LOL!

  2. Reply Kathy M says:

    OOOH the puppies are sooo cute! You are so lucky to have puppies to play with. Badger looks like she feels like hot stuff and pretty big next to the puppies, very cute!

  3. Reply says:

    oh they are so beautiful! I love the one of mini T howling at the ?? and Badger looks like she thinks shes the boss of all of them. she looks like shes herding them. very nice bodies to go with their lovely heads. time for me to come see them in person and smell their puppy breath.

  4. Reply ETSjules says:

    Ok so I put names the best I could. Briston and alton look soooo much alike.
    Badger had a great time with them. She did herd them a little but the pups took turns pinning and rolling her.
    Shhhhhh….. Don’t tell Diana that cardiff is a super big cry baby 🙂

  5. Reply says:

    that must be Francine with her infamous slippers, swish swish swish swish we want a picture of Badger hanging off of her.

  6. Reply ETSjules says:

    No that is Francine’s granddaughter…. in her infamous mini me slippers…..swish swish swish right behind her grandmas’s SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH…..

  7. Reply Jolene says:

    thanks Julie!!, ok, I won’t tell Diana about cry baby Cardiff hee hee!!, Brigg looks goooooodddd! I also think they have wonderful bodies, I really like Bristol’s!

  8. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Ok. Obviously there is a conspiracy! Here it is….I don’t know how long ago the post went up and there’s 25 comments and now everyone knows Cardiff is emotional. She’s fok king ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And just for all you keeping stuff from me, PUNKY was a howler. I must have Cardiffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Badger is way too cute!! Just wait another 3 weeks. She won’t be so big looking!!!!

  9. Reply says:

    she won’t be so big looking but I bet the Badger will still be kicking ass. but no worries Cardiff will sound the alarm.

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