smashed little punkin’s

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so the puppies have a rather huge area, my whole kitchen to be exact, with a coulpe of beds and this crate. tonight they were all smushed in the crate with toys and bones. it was pretty cute. i spilled my drink on my keyboard and now it does not want to give me any capitol letter…..earlier it only gave me capitols….can’t wait to see what little games it wants to play next.

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  1. Reply Marjorie Phillips says:

    You have gorgeaous dogs and puppies. I have always wanted a dal, but have been unable to find one down here. One of these days I will have the oppertunity to own one of these beautiful creatures. The markings on your puppies I have never seen. Oh and FYI my daughter has been collecting dalmatian stuffed animals since she was a baby. That is as far as we have gotten so far. So by stuffed standards we have about 10 or so dals.

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