Petition Ballot RESULTS!!!!!!!!

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Kudos to the Tellers Committee for doing the right thing and doing their job!!!!

Total ballots received in time for counting 1414

Yes…… 792

    Total 1414

So the first battle has been won but I feel the war has just begun.

CCA president Bob Futh has publicly declared this vote null and void stating that AKC deemed it so…. what he is not telling the CCA membership is that AKC was given inccorect information.

Most of the feedback from CCA members is that they are outraged at Bob Futh and have been sking that the board not back or honor Futh's position. He alone is trying to stop the legally mandated right of the membership to vote!!!

We have drafted a well written letter with documentation to present to the AKC. Many of you have added your names to this letter and it is a great thing. To feel that ones voice is heard gives a sense of hope. And having hope is never a bad thing.

So the next battle is to make sure that this vote COUNTS!!!!

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