PCA National Maryland 2008

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It was really hard going to the Papillon National for the first time without Shredder. We took Masher , Breaker and Slammer. Masher was entered in Agility at the National and had only been weaving for about 6 weeks!! Daneen was a little nervous as Mashy is a VERY green dog…..He/they did a wonderful job. Masher
Livewaire It's All Gravy was High in Trial at the National in agility!!!!!! The course time was 36 seconds and Mashy did it in 16.14 seconds!!!!! He was flying!!!! We enjoyed meeting new people at the agility trial and were impressed at the quality of dogs running. This was the largest entry in the history of the PCA. We had a really great time driving around Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia… I was in love with how green it is there.

Masher and Daneen High in Agility Trial at the Papillon Club of America National


Masher, Breaker and Slammer posing by one of Maryland's covered bridges.



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