Papillons at play

We take other dogs that we are not showing and walk them around. This weekend we took all the Paps. Here is Slammer enjoying watching the show.



Zuma and Wendy

We went to my Mom's house for a Bar B Que after the show and let the Paps all run around. Harmony was a little overwhelmed at first but then got with the program.


Harmony running around.



Aiden is so handsome!!! I adore this little dog.


Slammer is such the little poser!!


Masher has been on a bit of a diet so he was pretty interested in the Bar B Que!!!


My brother brought his little dog, Peanut, who was acting like a klingon to little Grinder. They all had fun and ran around.

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  1. Reply Diana says:

    Slammer is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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