Note on the VOTE!!!

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I'm so happy to hear that people are starting to receive their ballots!

Please be sure to return them timely and to leave extra time for mailing due the July 4th holiday. Also, there are a lot of people not on lists and who are not avid internet followers like some of us. If you live in a district and know members who are like this, please make an effort to speak to them on the ballot and the distinction between ballot versus poll.

I would like all of us to encourage people to speak up, regardless of their opinion, and have their voice heard. Although I am a passionate supporter of the sable merle and that our standard needs change—the real point here is to have the members' opinion and voice heard!

If you know of anyone who would like more information as to what a YES vote on the ballot means, I (and many others) are more than happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to give my e-mail out or they can call.

Thank You–
Jennifer Weiner
Edenrock Collies
(916) 425-8418

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