Nose Work Class ~ Moorpark, CA

 Beginning Nose Work Class Starts May 6th !!!

Monday's 6:00 pm- 7:30 pm ~ 150.00 for 5 weekly classes

At Stone Pony Ranch

13650 Broadway Rd

Moorpark, Ca

With Instructor Michael McManus – Associate Nose Work Instructor, NASCW


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this 5 week session we teach the dog how to hunt using their nose.
After this has been established we teach them to search for a particular
odor. You dog should be searching for birch by the end of the session
and ready to move on to vehicles, exteriors and interiors.


Nose Work is an exciting new sport for dogs and their owners, modeled
after detection training for narcotics and bomb detection dogs and
training. The sport provides many competitive and recreational
opportunities for you and your dog!

Any dog can do Nose Work, no previous training required. If your dog loves treats, they will LOVE Nose Work!!!


To register please contact

For more information about this Nose Work class contact Mike :


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