National Elections – 2010 -2012 CCA District Directors

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We have an election coming up soon. We all need to think about how our elected officials have served us in the past.

On the heels of all the shenanigans that the president of the CCA and SOME other elected officials have displayed please take the time to really think about what kind of statement you are going to make with your vote.

This is post is under the sable merle list but this crap that has been going on in the CCA goes WAY beyond the sable merle issue. We have a voice through our votes …. Let's use it!!!!! If your DD has kept you informed and is doing a great job then vote them back in and thank them!!!! If they have not then vote them OUT!!!!!!

Layout for National Elections – 2010 -2012 District Directors


AL    Sue Kuechenmeister

AZ     John Kavanagh & Candi Sapp

AR     Ed Simoneaux

CAN  Peggy Darrinton, Gayle Ann Stepanik, Melinda Sunnarborg

CAS   Ed Degner & Randy Smith

CO    Joann Romero

CT    Jackie Caruso

FL     Paula Clairday

GA    Gayle Guthman  & Yvonne Wynn

HI     En Harriet Chang

ID     Mary Allen, Judie Dunkle, Lisa Dunkle

IA      Nadine Olson & Michele Struble

IL      Patt Caldwell, Lynn Myers, Bonnie Cary, & Larry Reynolds

IN      Mary Jane Anderson & Donna Walle

KS     Emily Berkley & Russ Dyke

KY    Susan Kaelin

LA     Mary Catoir

MA    Danny Cardoza & Andrea Nelson

MD    Judy Porter

ME    Susan Martin & Kathy Parker

MI     Kristina Reppert & Carole A. Stanley

MN    Patricia Jung & Alice Holm

MS    Harriett Pierce

MO    Marion Johnson & Cheryl Kobularcik

NE     Carolyn Foreman & Alisa Pesek

NV     DeAnne LaCruze & Edward La Cruze

NH    Diane Bishop & Elizabeth Klien

NJ     Kris Provenzano & Cathy Squire

NM   Vicki Loucks

NYE  Judy Evans & Richard Bohland

NYS  Janet G. Leek

NYW Susan Abraham, Krista Hansen, & Joan Kirkland

NC   Lori Montero & Lenell Nix

OH   Jeanne Marre & Martha Skilton

OK   Pam Eddy & Sylvie Lingenfelter

OR   Barbara Cleek

PAE  Jennie Grover & David Supplee

PAW  Barbara Linder & Thomas Pendro

RI     Carol Chisholm & Joe Chisholm

SC   James Holliday & Patricia Keadle

TN  Betty Abbott & Rayleen Hendrix

TXN  Peggy Conger & Larry Willeford

TXS  Jamie Ennis & Debbie Price

VA  Kathleen Mesler & Shelly Roos

WA  Les Hutchins & Michele Inman

WI  Joanne Huff & Kathleen Zehetner

Canada   Cheryl Ellis & Jill Smith

Japan    Hiroshi Tojo

Europe   John Geddes & Lia Verniel

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