My Two Picks!!!!!!

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So I love the way things just work out…… Diana and I needed to split the litter up and it turns out that we each picked different puppies. Diana kept Rosie and Granite and I picked June and Hercules. First things first…… Hercules is now Cory and I am still thinking of a name for June. It is between Paige and June. I am leaning towards June Bug.

We went and had Dina help us with ears and now they have their little ears done. Cory and June Bug had so much fun playing with Dina's bulldog puppy, Winnie. The pups look sooooo cute with their new up-do's!!!! The good part is that they are enjoying the ranch life, the bad part is now they are little dirt balls!!!!! These photos are not the best as they were running around the house like wild monkey's. I am looking forward to watching these pups grow.


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  1. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Hercules/Cory is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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