My Sources in So CA for RAW food for my dogs.

Here is a list of sources I use and what I get from them.

Sun Valley meats

11275 Penrose St.
Sun Valley CA 91352

Great place, great prices and easy easy easy. They even load your order!!!

I have bought....
Chicken necks, feet, backs,leg quarters
Turkey necks
Pork Brisket

Creston Valley Meats

Creston Valley Meat Website

Delivers to So Ca every two weeks. Great guy good product. Can be pricey if you are not careful what you order.

I buy....
Ground Green Tripe
Organ Blend **** This is FABULOUS!!!!!

Healthy Pets

Healthy Pets Website for the Salmon Oil

Here is where I get my Salmon Oil from. If you order 100.00 shipping is free.

We sell Oma's Pride and BRAVO Raw diets.

I get the bulk of my dog's diet now from the Sustainable Selections Program we belong to.

It is all the rotated and out of date meat from a local retail store.

The meat is FABULOUS!!!! My dogs have not had this much variety EVER!!!! 

The meat is free to anybody that wants it and we ask for a $5.00 handling fee

per stuffed FULL grocery bag to help covers our costs.

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  1. Reply ffluffy says:

    you have pretty much cut my dog food costs into nothing. i <3 you and daneen and if you ever need my help loading or unloading or grinding or anything let me know.

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