My Letter to The Dalmatian Club of Southern California

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This is the letter sealed and stamped ready to go out in Mondays mail.



Dear DCSC members,

    I think as election time comes around you need to take a long hard look at who is running your club. I have never heard of a person not being accepted into a dog club. In these days when memberships are low and money is tight I just don't understand the shortsightedness of a handful of members to vote against my membership just because I was trying to bring in a new fundraising venture as well as showcase our very talented breed.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

I spent over an hour and a half on the phone with Marianne Lovejoy explaining what we would like to do as far as adding agility trials and the DCSC. I answered every question and concern that she had. 80% of the conversation that Marianne and I had was Marriane complaining to me about how the DCSC has screwed her over. I had to hear of every slight that the club has done to her. By the end of the phone call Marriane said to me in quotes " I am very comfortable with Lynda Tjarks and her company and I am glad you are doing this. Thank you for taking the time to explain this all to me" Come to find out at the meeting that Marriane is a bold faced liar and was still spreading untruths about the agility aspect to other club members.

Your Treasurer – Maggie Jackson told me when I handed her my membership application " Same club- different people – same old shit" Well it seems to me that she is also part of the "same old shit" part of your club.

I have no idea what Diane Bartholomew's or Beverly Rutherford's problem was as neither one of them ever once asked me a question about adding agility. Seems to me this was all a power trip issue.

So for the record……

I don't work for the company that I was suggesting DCSC use to hold agility trials.

This company has their own insurance and each club has insurance.

There are several breed clubs that use this company and your Secretary Karen Whyte spent many hours gathering letters from other breed clubs that highly recommend
this company to hold agility trials, spoke with the AKC and the owner of this company to gain insight and information to bring to you the club members.

None of this was taken into consideration. Only the bitter sour grapes of one Marianne Lovejoy. Nobody else did their own homework.

I have done agility trials for the Papillon Club of Southern Ca for several years now and since we also run my Dalmatian Ella in agility I thought this would be a fabulous opportunity to showcase the Dalmatian in another venue other than conformation. Ella was # 5 Agility Dalmatian in 2010 and is #4 Agility Dalmatian in the country for 2011!!!   Agility is actually FUN!!! And the dogs LOVE it!!! Holding agility trials would have embraced more members – ones that do agility already and ones that might want to try it. AKC records show that conformation entries are WAY down but agility entries are still climbing. That in itself should tell you something.

I invited all of DCSC to come to an agility trial what was being given by the Papillon Club of Southern Ca so they could see for themselves how it worked and what was involved. They would have been able to meet all of the people who work for the company. NOT ONE of you showed up. Not even the people that had "great concern that we were trying to do something HORRIBLE" with the DCSC.

There was no other intention on my part other than to bring in some money for DCSC and highlight our wonderful breed.

So when your treasurer Mrs. Jackson or anyone else who voted Nay to my membership is complaining that your club has no money or wants more money for rescue please remind them that DCSC agility trials would have been a VERY fun way to raise some funds.

And NOT being a member of DCSC is no skin off my nose…. It is truly your loss.

Julie Sandoval



3 Responses to My Letter to The Dalmatian Club of Southern California

  1. Reply Bonnie says:

    You tell ’em girl!!

  2. Reply Jeri Jennings says:

    You go girl!
    FWIW, DCSC has a long history of rejecting active potential members who were willing to work for the organization.
    They ain’t worth your effort, I do assure you.
    Jeri Jennings
    NorthStar Dalmatians, active in Dog Agility

  3. Reply Denise Christou says:

    Good for you Julie! finally someone that holds people accountable for their stupidassed meanness!
    hey where’s my app for Action Dog Sports?

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