My letter to CCA pres. Mr. Bob Futh

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It seems that the issue of the sable merle has become the secondary issue and that honoring the CCA Constitution and Bylaw's and the right for the membership to vote and be counted is the main issue.

I truly believe that good and right always prevails. I know that the CCA is filled with people that will stand up for what is right.

Here is my letter I sent to Bob Futh :

Mr. Futh,

 I AM a supporter of the sable merle being added to the standard but 
your recent actions have made that issue secondary.

You were not appointed as King of the CCA you were elected by those 
that VOTED for you. You are now trying to suppress a VOTE by those 
same members. A VOTE that OUR constitution and bylaws allows.

 Read the constitution and bylaws and see what the job description is 
for President. This is AMERICA. Your blatant disregard of the 
membership and the underhanded, unethical tactics used by Janine 
Walker Keith are things we sadly see in third world countries. Was 
Janine Walker Keith elected to some position we are not aware of??

 I have told people that being a member of CCA is important. Pay your 
dues so that you have the right to cast a VOTE and have a say in 
important issues regarding our beloved breed. So now what??? Pay your 
dues and lets hope the King says the vote will count??? It does not 
work that way here in AMERICA, Mr. Futh!

You seem to be living in oppositeville. You say the the CCA is two 
clubs… and that Janie Clymer is aiding the "Rogue Club"…… Funny 
that the "Rogue Club" as you call it IS following the rules!!!! Which 
is WAY more than we can say about you.

If you can not or will not follow the CCA's constitution and bylaws I 
would hope the Board and membership does not slip into apathy and 
calls for your resignation or impeachment. ~jules

I think everyone should write Mr. Futh and their DD's and let them know your feelings and thoughts on this. 

Which ever way you voted on the petitions ballot, it should count!!!

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