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My history with Collies is much shorter than with Dalmatians but the journey has been smoother thanks to all the lessons learned with the Dals.

I got my first collie in 1999. I was at the tail end of a rocky marriage….. I wanted to name my new boy  " D- for Divorce 🙂

Liam  is a beautiful smooth blue boy that won back to back WD his first weekend out and then turned out not to be able to assimilate his little world…… He retired from the show ring needing a couple of singles. He lives a nice life on the ranch. It was very sad that this boy did not turn out but I don't tolerate or want to deal with bad temperaments and I don't make excuses for bad temperaments either.


Liam at 6 months at his first show


Next I bought a WILD ( In a good way) tri smooth bitch from Society Collies.  Claire is my foundation bitch… and a very nice line bred girl at that! I give the breeders before me lots of credit in breeding Claire as it gave me a solid foundation to start with. Coming from Dalmatians movement is VERY important to me. I am of the thought that a Collie should be able to move. Most Collie breeders are so concerned about head detail it drives me crazy!!!! A collie can't work sheep if it can't move!!!! And temperament is equally important to me.


Claire at 6 months at her first show!!!



I wanted to breed Claire and keep a smooth bitch. So I looked and looked and decided that I wanted to do a grandfather/granddaughter breeding. We tried to breed her to her grandfather Harrison and it didn't take. I was pretty disapointed but I do KNOW that everything happens for a reason!!!

My good friend Diana asked me to watch a few of her dogs when she went to the CCA National. Seabiscuit was one of those dogs….. I fell in LOVE!!!!! Every time I was near him I thought " THIS is what a Collie is supposed to be!!!!!"

When Diana got back I told her that I wanted to breed Claire to Seabiscuit!!!! She said " Are you sure???" I said "YUP!!!!" So I did. Seabiscuit is named after a racehorse so we used that as our theme for this litter.


 "SeaB"  Ch. Entais Seabiscuit




Claire had 8 puppies. Of that litter 3 went to show homes and 3 finished….. and multiple Group placements and BoV's!!!


SeaB X Claire puppies

I REALLY wanted a smooth sable bitch….. There was one a rough tri boy that REALLY wanted a short, fun and overweight "mommy". This tri boy was pretty persistent!!!! I would call the pups and they would all come running doing the jumping up pick me up puppy dance around me….. I would look around and see the tri boy was not in the mix. I swear he would wait until he had my attention and then he would come flying towards me doing the most beautiful flying extended trot and land in a perfect 4 square pose and throw his neck back!!!! As if saying " LOOK AT ME!!!!!" Am I not ALL that!!!!


Gal and Tirzah

 I placed the sable smooth bitch with a WONDERFUL family!!!! They named her " Gal" Ch. Easy To Spot Gallorette HIC. She quickly earned her championship and now does herding, rally and Obedience!!!


"Gal"  Ch. Easy To Spot Gallorette HIC

So needless to say I kept the little rough Tri showoff !!! I named him "Cole" Ch. Easy To Spot Whirlaway RN HIC . Cole has been a dream!!!!! He is everything plus some that I ever wanted!!!!! Cole just stares at me with the most loving and adoring eyes and to be truthful that is the was I look back at him! Cole has the perfect blend of his parents temperaments, his movement is picture perfect, beautiful outline.


"Cole" Ch. Easy To Spot Whirlaway RN HIC


"Cole" This is one of my favorite photos of Cole.

Diana wanted a rough sable bitch with a full white collar. She was there helping me during the whelping….. She had already left thinking Claire was done and at 7 pups there were no sable rough bitches. 5 mins. after Diana had left out comes a rough sable bitch!!!! I called Diana and she turned around to come and see her new little girl!!!! She named her "Tirzah" Multi BISS Ch. Entais ETS Charismatic HIC and this little bitch was everything Diana had hoped for minus the full white collar.


"Tirzah" Ch. Entais ETS Charismatic HIC


Cole, Tirzah and Gal


Cole & Tirzah

Miriam  contacted me that she wanted to bring her bitch " Blush" to Cole. I was thrilled as Blush is a VERY nice bitch. I whelped the litter here and kept a lovely sable merle boy. Why do the rough boys want to stay here with me????? Miriam kept a beautiful rough blue merle bitch named "Taylor"


"Crash" Easy To Spot It's All Good



Diana and I co-bred a litter with Tirzah. Luckily Diana and I share very similar thoughts on breeding, what we are looking for, raising, feeding and vaccinations…. the only area we really differ on is she LOVES the roughs and I LOVE the smooths!!! She seems to enjoy the brush, brush, brush, spritz, spritz, brush, brush, brush… and me??? Well not so much!!!!

We both went to the CCA National to look at stud dogs. We both finally decided to do a dual sired litter with BISS Ch. Southland's Bowen Island ROM and a double dilute Wyndlair Avalanche. The litter of 4 were all sired by Avalanche. I was a little sad but again I know EVERYTHING happens for a reason!!! Diana kept 2 puppies and I kept 2 puppies.

Double Dilute Collie - Aiden

Wyndlair Avalanche


"Ty" Entais Rendezvous ~pointed


"Soleil" Entais Soleil ~ pointed


June bug at 4 1/2 months


"June Bug" Easy To Spot Delerium ~ pointed


Cory at 4 1/2 months




"Cory" Easy To Spot Varekai ~ pointed and one major

I have a vision and certain long term goals with where I am going with the collies…..

My search for a smooth bitch to breed to Cole has been a very heartbreaking road. I waited 2 years to get a smooth puppy girl and when she finally came I was in LOVE!!!!! She was everything I wanted….. the problem was she had a bad heart!!! I only had her for less than week but I was crushed!!! The breeder opted to put her down so I did. This dog game can be brutal!


"Sophie" You were only with me a week and still managed to break my heart…..

I then got a blue smooth girl and she was lovely but paddled something awful in the front. I decided that is not something I can work with or something I want to introduce to my program. So she is now in a wonderful home with 3 great young boys.

From the minute I started looking at Collie magazines that Diana had I was ALWAYS drawn to one dog….. Andre. I find it funny that 10 years later that is still the case.



I contacted Ellen Russell about Rocky. I knew I wanted to bring Rocky into my program.


"Rocky" Ch. Bo-Dandy's Rock Solid ROM

I now have a lovely sable smooth bitch I named Giddeon that is a Rocky daughter.




Giddeon winning her first points.


Giddeon going Bov

Easy To Spot For The Greater Good

Cayden is my newest addition. He is a very well bred boy that has the best temperament. I am hoping he blends well into my breeding program.


Cayden ~ Timeless The River Candence

He is out of Ch. Timeless Hello Darlin (WB/BoW CCA '08, BoV CCA '09) x Southland's The Cooper River.

Cayden didn't quite turn out the way we had hoped so we nuetered him and found a wonderful home for him. He is a happy boy.

Diana and I were at the CCA 2010 and saw Cayden's litter brother Edge. He is stunning! He ended up going WD at the national from the Bred By class!!

CH Edge_3

CH. Timesless The River's Edge

Diana and I both wanted to breed one of our girls to him. Soleil just happened to be in season!

So we bred Soleil to Edge and I crossed my fingers for smooths!



We got a very nice litter of 2 roughs and 3 smooths.



I am hanging on to the 3 smooths. They are confident, outgoing and super sweet pups!!!


I don't have many litters so I have to be very particular with the breedings I do. I am adamant that I get ANY puppy I breed comes back to me, no questions asked, if for whatever reason the family can not keep them any longer. So in each litter I have potentially more dogs. Luckily I have only had a few come back to me for various reasons and have rehomed them in great homes.

This story is still unfolding and I look forward to many more years of wonderful Collies and new Collie friends!!!!!

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  1. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Love, love, love the blog!!! Can you not make it longer??? I got plenty of pictures for you!!!!
    Beautiful Liam. What a gorgeous dog…..It just goes to show outside beauty only can go so far ~ like in pictures only.
    I love the photo of Clare with Rayleen….that show reminded me of what I got later with showing Tirzah….total and complete exasperation!!! Those collies laughed at me the whole time in the ring!!! Love the ears….they kinda disappear in my black skirt…glad the puppies have Biscuit’s ears!! Tirzah looks hysterical with her baby head trim AND, love the photo of “Cole & Tirzah & Ducky White”!!!!
    Thanks for a great little history!!! More to come later for these collies!!!!!

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