Julie Math ~ Puppy adventure

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Every night before I go to bed I count all the pups and make sure everyone looks good. I woke up the other morning to let Soleil out to potty and I did my usual puppy count before I made my coffee.

Shit I only see 4 puppies!! Aware that I am still half asleep I recount. and recount. Jeez there are only 5 pups in the litter not that hard to glance and see 5 pups.

After a couple of recounts there are still only 4 pups in the whelping box!! Now Francine is in on the counting and puppy search!!! After a quick glance in the laundry room and no sign of puppy number 5 I fly out side with icky visions of frozen puppy in the yard from being out all night. No puppy in the yard. Frantic I go back to the whelping box and Francine yells "I found it"!!!!

With relief I tell Soleil she sucks as a Lassie because she did not show us where Timmy was and Timmy would have surely drowned in the well!!! 

It was Bristol!!! She traveled from the whelping box to the laundry room and wedged herself between a crate and the door. I am not sure how long she was there but she was toasty warm when I found her.

I was too freaked out to take photos at the time of the incident but here are some reenactment photos.

No puppies were hurt in the taking of the reenactment photos 🙂




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  1. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Julie Math. It’s like doing really hard stuff like counting puppies or measuring for pipe corrals. It’s probably a good thing you can’t do math, because I think many checks and cash went out that old grooming van window of yours. Better not to know. Ever.

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