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So a long email from John Buddie on the sable Merle issue was forwarded to me from several people…..

I had it posted here and just got a call from John Buddie asking me to take the email off the blog….. and I just did.

I am sure there are LOTS of copies of his email floating around…….. because my copy had at least 75 other email addys/names on it.

For a wonderful reply to this email look at Trudy Mangels response

This email sent to me asked that I read the email and think this through…. I responded that I have thought it through and I respectfully disagree.

My thoughts on this are bottom line IF a blue eye detracts from expression then it should be so penalized to the degree that it does!!! Why are we as breeders NOT trusted to monitor ourselves in this regard???

I think that some people think that  not agreeing with the viewpoint of an elder in the breed equals disrespect. I don't see it that way. I can respect someone for their contributions to the breed and not have to blindly follow.

As for having respect for the bridges and elders….. What about the original standard of perfection that said " color is immaterial" ????????

Does listening to bridges and elders just start when the standard was changed to include colors????

Mr. Buddie sure has LOTS of fears of blue eyes and evil that will befall the Collie if the standard is changed…. I believe living life and making decisions out of fear is a sad state….

If you don't like a sable merle with a blue eye then don't put it up, don't use it, don't breed it, don't show it or buy it. That is your choice….. But a clarification needs to be made and the Sable Merle needs to be recognized in the standard just as the blue merle is….. blue eyes and all!!!

Most of the feeling I get when I read some of the "vote NO' side is….

" I have NOTHING against sable merles….. some of my best friends are sable merles"

And it really stinks!!!!!!! How long does this "don't ask don't tell " thinking and acting have to go on???????

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