Informal Sable Merle meeting by Tom Coen in CA

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After finding out Tom Coen would be in town for a judging assignment (Shelties) I wrote him in regards to the Sable Merle issue being presented at this years National.
I spoke with Tom Tuesday afternoon about having a short meeting after Saturday's Specialty show in Claremont. Tom is the Chairman of the Standard Review Committee for the CCA and has agreed to do an abbreviated version of what will be presented at the National. This is regarding the committees progress on the Sable Merle issue.  As many of us will not be able to attend the National for the meeting on this topic, it will give us some insight and an opportunity to ask  some questions.
This subject has been the object of many heated discussions over the last several months.  This is an opportunity to gather in a small forum and discuss the issue in a calm and polite manner.  Everyone wishing to speak, will be heard.  Please respect others during this meeting.

Meeting location on the grounds will be announced at the Show.

Randy Smith
Geri Cox
CCA District Directors

Permission to cross post

This meeting is NOT a bitch session…. Please try to attend and keep everything civil….It makes our side look better.~jules

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