HDCC ~ 2009

I was getting Cole ready for the show and while I LOVE my dog and can appreciate many of his qualities….. I was feeling a tad puney. Cole has THE BEST temperament, a clean head, a lovely outline and to die for movement……. and while he does have coat, he is not dripping in coat. I looked around at some of the other collies on tables and ex-pens and told Diana as we were heading to the ring with our two littermate specials, Cole & Tirzah, "Cole isn't dripping with coat like some of these other dogs" and Diana quickly replied "AND?????….So what?????" I thought your right…. and I proudly took Cole to the ring.

He showed his little heart out. Our judge Lily Russell pointed to Cole for Best of Variety!!!!! And then Best of Opposite Sex to the Breed!!!!!!!!That REALLY made my day!!!

She gave me several compliments on Cole as we were taking photos and after the show.
She said he was a beautiful dog with a clean head and that he was a wonderfully moving dog.


                                                                                                photo by Randy Smith

I felt so bad for our judge as I am sure she was expecting sunny Southern California….. It was FREEZING!!!!! and SUPER WINDY!!!! She was watching the second second show huddled up in a TARP!!!!
I asked her if the tarp was working and she asked if I wanted to share her blankie…. and I said you mean tarpie…. It was pretty funny.

HDCC Shows am and pm 105

                                                                                 photo by Randy Smith

At the second show Ty was Best in Sweeps and both Diana and I were thrilled!!! He showed so cute and what a beautiful little puppy!!!

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  1. Reply Diana says:

    Love the blog!! Yes, Cooley Bear is amazing. There is so much more than fluff!!! Like what’s between the ears and under that coat!
    I think Ty is going to be similar to Cole in movement. How cool is that????

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