Harmony’s First Show!!!!

What a cool little dog.

I got Harmony at 8 months and due to her breeders health issues was not taken out and about much. Harmony has come a very long way from the time we got her!!

I have not had her in a class ever and have just been playing with jumps and tires…. she just learned the tunnel less than a month ago!! At the last trial I showed Aiden and Daneen was showing Grinder and Harmony was having a fit in her ex-pen….She REALLY wanted to go and play!!!

Pretty cute for no real training yet and i can’t wait until she actually has a clue what I am asking her to do. She is going to be fun fun fun when she gets it!!

3 Responses to Harmony’s First Show!!!!

  1. Reply Dianne Stretch-Strang says:

    That is pretty darned good for no training! She’s a natural!

  2. Reply Kathy M says:

    OH my gosh, she is just too cute! She is going to be FAST! I love how she just bounces. You guys did a great job, it will be so much fun to watch her progress in her career. Love how you kept it all happy and fun, that was so much fun to watch-congrats on a great first trial!

  3. Reply Ellen says:

    What a good girl! Her…though you did good too!

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