Giddeon x Crash puppies ~ 7 weeks!!!!










The pups are doing great!! Because of their rough start they are about a week and a half behind. They will catch up and are eating like little piggies!

Next week I will start to do their ears…. not really liking the coyote look 🙂

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  1. Reply says:

    they are very cute, are they all smooth?

  2. Reply Ray Lavelle says:

    THANK GOD YOU POSTED SOME PICS! I’m like a puppy junkie…I need my fix!
    They look great. How many blue eyes did you get? I think I saw at least one. I love the flashy merles that come out of Miriam’s dogs, but I’d loved to get rid of those damned bright blue eyes that seem to plague many of them (mine included!).
    So, are any of them keepers, or are you done with roughs?

  3. Reply ETSjules says:

    Yes, They are all smooths 🙂

  4. Reply ETSjules says:

    You are so funny!
    Milagro and Cidro have 1 blue eyes each.
    I am planning on keeping a puppy…. stay tunes to find out who 🙂

  5. Reply Ray Lavelle says:

    I didn’t realize they were all smooths…I’m so dense! Miriam told me they were and I said they weren’t…whoops! I’ll never hear the end of that.
    I’m glad you got your smoothies.

  6. Reply ETSjules says:

    Heehee… Don’t feel bad Ray. This was the weirdest litter!!! Some days I thought they were all roughs then some days I thought they were half rough and half smooth. I felt like the most inexperienced breeder!!! I could not tell what I had!!!

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