England 2012 ~ Part 7

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We traveled to the next show which is Dogs In Need. It is a large show with 13 rings held at an agricultural facility. It is sort of like our Fairgrounds but mainly used for animal events.There is a grocery store less tan a mile from this venue and seems that everyone hit it before they went into the show. We stopped to stock up on supplies and down every aisle there were agility people with carts filled to the brim. The store sold out of soda and the beer and wine selection were slim pickings by the end of the week 🙂

Every direction you look at all you see is a sea of caravans, gardens, trailers and tents. This set of shows seems to be geared more towards children or at least there are a whole bunch of them running around. There is a play area, and a whole slew of stuff for juniors to do – like their own classes and a juniors training session after the show.

There are some of the same vendors that we saw at the KC Festival and some new ones. There are vendor politics just like back home 🙁
Some vendors are not here … guess they got on someones bad list and were not invited.

There is a little store here on the grounds and it carries food essentials such as bread, milk, butter etc. Clever I think !

There is 6 days total at this show. 4 days of classes and 2 days of finals. They have Championship classes to qualify for crufts. You have to be in grade 7. You need one champ ticket during the qualifying period to qualify for Crufts. You need a total of 3 Champ tickets to earn your Kennel Club Agility Championship !!!  – There are only around 12 Championship classes throughout the year – In the Champ classes you run an agility course and a jumping course and a certain percent of the top combined run in a Championship finals course. Very fun and very exciting to watch!!!

Daneen and Masher ran in the Dina's Classic today. It was one class of agility and one of jumping. They got thru the agility just fine and nearly made it thru the jumping class. The jumping class was wicked.

At the KC festival they had a disco night and we did not go but the music went on until the wee hours of the night and funny that the announcement for the disco night said "come enjoy the music and make sure to bring your own bottle"

There is entertainment every night here at Dogs In Need. They had yoga at some point and the Juniors training session at 5:00 and BINGO!!! at 8:00!!!!
I am so excited!!!! We are soooo there!!!!



 Dogs in Need Agility Society or DINAS is an agility event held every year for the last 21 years and all the proceeds go to charities.


 'Beautiful artwork at the entrance of Trinity Park


 There are acres and acres of fields and walking paths with magestic trees.




 Winning a second place in grade 6 small dog agility day one of DINAS Classic





Bingo there was VERY different !!! And NOBODY called BINGO when they won !!! A little weird but fun 🙂

There were about 500 people playing bingo, it was a nice turn out.

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