England 2012 ~ Part 5

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So due to very bad weather we did not go back to the SWAT shows and packed up the caravan to head out to do a training day then off to the KC Festival.
The food this time around has been better but still no taco's- sorry Daneen 🙁


 Daneen and Masher got to join in training day sessions.


 The drive to the KC Festival was beautiful.


My choices at the pubs has been Idian food pretty much every time 🙂

The KC Festival is HUGE !!!! IT had to be moved at the last minute and they found a beautiful venue to hold 18 rings and a kajillion caravans!!
The weather is lovely and the courses are more than a little crazy.

I just love how they RV it at shows here. Everyone here sets up gardens and visits with each other sharing food and drink. It seems to be a more family friendly sport around here, Lots of junior handlers and way more bloaks running dogs here than in the States.

Daneen and Masher ran 3 runs today. 1 grade 6 jumping and the KC British Open Agility and Jumping.

Their first run was the grade 6 jumping- the course was ugly the run was not so pretty. Backsides of jumps, pull throughs, threadles and serps 🙁

Their next 2 classes are the two main classes that count here at the KC Festival. They take the highest scoring dogs from each height to go to the finals on Sun. The top 3 in the small division get invited to Cruft's.

The  British Open Agility was first. They had a lovely run and through some tricky bits. Masher has been running very well. He tried to stick his teeter but just could not hang on to it. The weights of the teeters are very different here and the contacts are not rubber here at the KC festival. He was a really good boy. They incurred 5 faults 🙁

Their next run was the Open Jumping. They had a good clean run and took 3rd place out of 137 dogs. Not too shabby.

They did not post times for either of these runs so we did not have a clue how they did until they presented the awards later in the day.

We thought there was no way that they made it into the finals with 5 faults. What a nice surprise  when they posted the list of dogs that made the finals and Masher and Daneen made the finals 🙂 Yeah!!!

What a long day !!! This completely dwarfs any local trial we have ever been to.

The queueing system here is pretty neat. They assign each dog a number for every class. They will open a ring for walk through then they announce " Ring 4- grade 6 agility – up to number 40. So you then go to the ring and tick off your number with one person at the ring and then go stand in the que. So there really is no real run order. As you get closer to the front of the queue another person will ask what your number is and take your scribe sheet out of a little book and hand it to the scribe. Now you are in the hold so to speak. Also interesting that they only have one person jump setting the entire ring and the ring crew is called the ring party. They also never say the dogs call name. You check in and are called by your name and the dogs Kennel Club name.

Tomorrow is day 2 of the KC festival and should be another exciting day of agility.


 All the makings for our garden. Char- They have the king of all bucket's O'Crap!!!! We have got to get one!!!


 Almost all done with the garden – They called Daneen a master Banger !!! heehee -They said she got those fence posts in in no time!!!


Interesting toppings for baked potatoes 🙂



 Here is the ring schedule for the first day of the KC Festival.


Some of the trophies

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