England 2012 ~ Day Three

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 The weather gods were not so nice today. It poured pretty much all day. The locals say it was just showers and that it never actually rained. Well it was coming down in buckets!!! We were miserable and soaked to the bone. Thanks to Sharon for lending us rain coats… without those we would have been in a world of hurt. The drive to the show site and the actual site are beautiful.


 I found this a most interesting way of wheeling the course.


 Daneen walking a course. They don't give out course maps!! 

It was really chucking it down by the time Mashy ran. He and Daneen did well on the course. They got through all the tricky parts. Mashy did a little WHEEEEEEE off the teeter, but all in all it was a nice first run….. and only run for the day. Everyone either crates out of their tent, RV or car. Nobody sets up a canopy or crates by the rings.  So we were all hanging out by the car -freezing and sopping wet – and we can see the rings from where we are. All the rings were empty like they had all gone to lunch. Good thing we checked because who knows how long we would have been standing there waiting for Daneen's classes to be called….. They cancelled the rest of the show for today!!!! Just as well I suppose. We will be better prepared for tomorrow's show πŸ™‚


 I wanted to post a photo of my new wellies.  I needed something waterproof and this is pretty much all they had at the show. I tried to get Daneen to get a pair…. but I guess I knew THAT would never happen πŸ™‚

Now that I look at this photo of my snazzy boots it really just looks like a pulled a Reagan from the Excorcist :0    I didn't I swear!!!!



Changed the name to Bed & Tea…. and tea tonight was yummy!!! Tried Yorkshire pudding for the first time…. really good but don't let it fool you, it has NOTHING to do with pudding!! It's mor like a little pastry boat for gravy.



Dollar and Dime are starting to really move around and the growling and playing and biting each other πŸ™‚

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