Easy To Spot’s New Website!!!!

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I have dreaded doing a new website for years!!!! 

After not being able to get my original website person to update my site in four years I finally had to bite the bullet and do it. I was getting inquiries about litters on my website and I had to tell people those pups are 4 years old now!!! Embarrassing!!!!

I find that fear is the major factor in procrastination. I had built a website for a friend using Homestead and while the site looks ok it was really frustrating…. It was way too limiting. For my site I found a company called Andy's Web Tools. What a piece of cake!!!! Their customer service has been wonderful!!!! Click Here For Andy's Web Tools Site

So please take a look and let me know what you think. I am still adding info and many of the links refer back to this blog but at least the dogs on my site are still alive and everything is up to date!!!! 


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  1. Reply Jolene says:

    awesome website Julie!!
    Not sure how you wanted the links page to work ,but when I clicked on the links it did not go straight to the page…rather it showed a box on my toolbar to click on to…..

  2. Reply Jolene says:

    works great now!!! Thanks for including us!!

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