DCA 09

I am getting ready to take Dax to the DCA National and I am so excited I am thinking that I should get some depends!! I am very proud of all the dogs I have bred and taken to DCA before but this time feels different. This is the first puppy that has come the closest to that vision of the perfect Dalmatian that is in my head…. Dax is the puppy I have done every breeding to get. He has it all for me…. temperament, soundness, structure, movement and he is just the sweetest most beautiful boy. No matter what we do at DCA I am just happy to be able to show him off.

I keep having these dreams where I am in for BoB and the judge points to me and Dax and says " Please bring the Winners Dog up front" ….. Needless to say I am not getting much sleep….. The dreams are fun and come high or stay home right! Dream Big!!!

I can't wait to see all my Dal friends… We laugh, we eat, we talk dogs …. Oh,just a couple more days…..

The Collie National and the Dal National overlap this year so while I will be showing Dax, Diana will be showing Soleil and Tirzah at the Collie National. I forsee lots of cellphone usage!!

I knew this was my boy by this age!!


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