DCA ~ 09 ~ Overview

I had such a wonderful time at the Dalmatian Club of America National this year!!!!

I only took Dax and I have to say that I am totally in LOVE with this pup!!! He was such an easy goer with everything!!! And a dream to show. I got so many compliments on him I just gushed!!!

I am waiting for the show photos to come…… checking my mailbox EVERY single day!!!!

Here is a crappy quality photo of Dax…. at least you can get an idea of him in the ring. This dog takes my breathe away!!!


I just loved spending time with Sarah Ann, Laura Ann and Miranne…. We roomed together and what funna, funna, funna!!! They are all American Idolaholics!!!! I still don't watch it but I hope Adam wins!!
Catching up with friends is always a highlight!!! I have not seen Angie in 4 years and we had fun. We made our yearly trip to the closest casino!!!


I just LOVE Dave and Sandy Slattum….. I wish they would adopt me…. Hoping that Dax can someday go visit with them and have a nice career!!

The weather was BLUSTERY!!!! My friends were such troppers and went with me to visit a GOS pig farmer in KS!!! How cool was that!?!?
I tried to bring home a little boar but no such luck….. guess that I am on the waiting list. Here is the little boy that I wanted to bring home.


The food in KS was pretty good …. just not at the hotel 🙁

I went to the DCA two years ago and picked the stud for Syd's last litter after I picked Slade I kinda stalked Pam Fisher :)  I saw her again this year and Dax's Grandmother, Stevie too. She looks wonderful!!! I adore this girlie!!! Pam is the perfect stud dog owner!! She is kind and supportive. Just the way it should be!

Here is a not so great photo of Dax and Stevie.


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  1. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Pretty boy! Glad you had a great time. I can’t believe you couldn’t come home with that pig!!! You’re losing your touch!
    T & I are Am. Idolaholics also. Never been and I have to say I think we are watching Brilliance & Greatness in Adam Lambert. He screams American Idol. Elvis Presley/Freddie Mercury charisma, talent, looks & voice! OMG…..I have said too little!
    I want to eat him!!!!!!!

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