Dalmatian National KY 2005


This National was soooo much fun!!! I only took Freedom this year. He didn’t make the cut but he looked great and showed very well. I flew to New York and stayed with my friend Regina and her son Thomas for a couple of days then we road tripped it to Kentucky. We laughed the entire trip!! We got to see niagra Falls before we headed out. It was truly a sight.Img_1081_0005

This year I met up with lots of friends. Miranne from Canada, Jodene, SarahAnne and Kathy from Washington, Regina from New york, Angie and Lily from Missouri. We ate and drank, laughed and talked dogs and even had time to take in some of the local sites. Here we are at the Kentucky Horse Park. I was very impressed. The grounds and the exhibits were top rate! I had just done the breeding with Claire and Seabiscuit and knew that I was using race horses as the theme for naming this litter. It was very cool to see photos and learn more about the great racehorses of the past. The statue we are standing by is of Man O’War, who is my all time favorite race horse…..too bad he had such a funky name because that would certainly have been my first pick. Funny now that I look back at this photo that the Dalmatian with us is Denny…..Yes the same Denny that I just bred Sydney to!!!!!

Ok, ok I admit this made us laugh for quite a while!!!!!!

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  1. Reply Kimberly Huston says:

    Hi Julie, We had a blast at the Nat. Congrads on your litter, we are planing on coming next year to the Nat. again, hopefully I will have a new puppy to show there too. Your friends from Alaska, Kim. Remeber the Sea Life Center!! Lots of Laughs!!

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