Dalmatian National KY 2007


The Dal National was in KY AGAIN…..I just hate that!!! I prefer when the site is switched around as I enjoy seeing and exploring new places. That being said I still had LOTS of fun. Met up with old friends and for the most part saw higher level of quality in the dogs than I have seen in awhile. That was refreshing. I found the dog I would like to breed Sydney to. That is always exciting.Dsc_0430
I just took Aquinnah this year. What a breeze just traveling with one pup. At just 8 months old Aquinnah took the whole trip like she has been doing this sort of thing forever. We both really enjoyed the one on one time with eachother. What a wonderful little pup.
We didn’t place but Aquinnah showed great. We made the cut in a large 6-9 class and got tons of compliments on her. That is always nice.
Aquinnah and half sister Brynn. They look so much alike it was cute.

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