Creating with Balance

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"And now we are saying to you, both steps are necessary. And the joy of
creation, the joy of deliberate creation is managing these steps. In
other words, getting clear and allowing it. And getting clear and
allowing it. And getting clear.

It's about finding your individual balance.

You know that you would not be happy not defining what you want. You are
a born focuser. And some like you who have come to live it and breathe
it and teach it, you could not help but get into a place where you are
clear about what you want.

That is the law of all of our lives.

In other words, we must focus this energy. We have access to the energy
that creates worlds. Focusing it is a hoot!

In other words, it's what we are all wanting to do. But when we summon
through the power of our desire, more energy than we can handle- because
we've got a vibrational pattern that doesn't let it in – then that very
same energy beats up on us pretty good.

And you say, "This sucks." You say, "This is not a fun thing." And we
say, all that's happened when you feel that way is that YOU HAVE

And now you, the individual focuser, are out of balance in your own
energy field.

So then we say, you're wanting to do a number of things.

You're wanting to bring your belief up.

You might want to slow your desire down.

In other words, you're wanting to do anything that you can do to get
yourself back in alignment…

And then we say, begin relaxing, begin meditating more, begin
appreciating more, begin looking for more positive aspects, begin
trusting yourself more, begin looking for things that feel good. Work to
bring yourself back into balance…

And here is the key: As long as you're letting YOUR JOY BE YOUR GUIDING
LIGHT, then you can always stay in balance."

San Francisco, CA 8/24/02

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