Congratulations MACH 2 Masher !!!

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I know this is old news by now because Masher got his MACH 2 back in May. I was waiting for a photo with his MACH ribbon and they didn't have any MACH ribbons that day…… two guesses whos trial it was 🙂

So we had to borrow a MACH ribbon from another person who got their MACH at another trial and Tien Tran was nice enough to shoot the MACH photo. So here it is…….


Masher MACH2

4 Responses to Congratulations MACH 2 Masher !!!

  1. Reply Jolene says:

    what a gorgeous cute picture!
    Congratulations on the MA CH 2, a great accomplishment!

  2. Reply ETSjules says:

    Thanks Jolene,
    Daneen and Masher are a great team and oh so much fun to watch!!!

  3. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Cute photo! Big congrats!!! How many MACHs can a little Papillon get????

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