Collie Club of America ELELCTIONS!!!!

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Time for a new slate of people running the CCA. Please take the time to find out more about the candidates and ask them the hard questions.

Here are two people that I support and will vote for. They both beleive that EACH and EVERY vote should count!!!~jules


I’m writing to you to ask for your vote to be the next President of the CCA. I believe that every member of CCA should have a voice: the novice and the veteran, the judge and the exhibitor, the person with a passion for conformation, performance, herding as well as obedience or Therapy dogs.  No part will ever be greater than the whole or common good of the club or the Collie with me at the helm as your President.
I have served the CCA & local clubs in many positions, including CCA 1st VP, 2nd VP, DD, 2002 Assistant Show Chairman, 2005 National Show Treasurer and Assistant National Show Chairman. I’ve also been President and Show Chairman of the Intermountain Kennel Club in SLC, Utah for the last 11 years; Utah Beehive Cluster Chairman; and President & Show Chairman of the Utah Collie Club. I am also an AKC Judge for Collies, Shelties and juniors, and I am currently the AKC Delegate for my all-breed club.
 Many of you have ideas to improve the CCA, and we need to listen and explore these ideas. I will welcome all input on how we can strengthen and improve our Club. I feel we need to elect people that have you the MEMBER, the COLLIE, and the CCA in mind at all times. They need to put their personal agendas on the back burner and have the welfare of the CCA and the Collie in the forefront at all times.
I started in Collies in the early 70s under the kennel name of Cobblecreek. I’m married and have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. “Collies” is something Debbie and I do together, she grooms and I do the showing, feeding, picking up poop, etc. Over the years we’ve had some great wins, have bred 15 to 20 Champions, co-bred the BOB winner at the 2002 National, and bred the WB and RWD at the 2005 National. As much as the wins mean to us, none of them can compare to the many great friendships we have made over the years.
In closing, I want you to know that I want to be your next President.  CCA officers should work to support the entire membership and the constitution of the CCA.  If elected to be your next President, I promise that your voice as a member will be heard. The President and the District Directors are elected to work for you. In the CCA every member should count – the novice's vote is just as important as the veterans'. The membership as a whole, supported by me as your President, will decide the direction our Club will take
Thank you,
Mike Van Tassell
Home: 801-942-1682
Cell: 801-518-2377



Dear Collie Club of America Members,
My name is Kathy Moll, and I am asking for your support to become a CCA Director-at-Large. This position is important for the entire membership but especially for those members without district director representation. I pledge to keep you informed each time a communiqué is sent and any time in between as you require. I will welcome your thoughts and discussion in order to best represent you regardless of my own opinions.
There is a growing need for open discussion from all CCA members on a variety of subjects. We must respect our members and support inclusion for every collie lover regardless of personal interests, opinions and goals. I have the utmost regard for the membership-at-large and support your right to vote and have your votes count. Our constitution and by-laws must never be ignored!
My collie activities in conformation and obedience began in 1976. My first CD (companion dog) collie was a rough dog in 1978, followed by my first champion, also a rough dog, in 1980. Since then I am very proud to have bred and/or owned multiple Top 10 collies in both varieties, champions in both varieties in the upper double digits and many performance titled collies in obedience, rally, herding, agility and more. The wonderful owners of Deep River collies deserve most of the credit for our success! All of our CCA national wins make me proud but particularly BOS to BOB from the 11 and older veteran’s class and Most Versatile Collie in show.
I have been a CCA district director at least 10 times, starting in the early 80s, when there was a small combined NC/SC district, up to more recent times when NC alone has had a membership of  50 plus. I worked diligently for nearly two years on the 2007 CCA national in nearly every capacity.  I have been an avid supporter of Collie Rescue of the Carolinas (CRC) since its inception. CRC was one of the first Collie Rescue Foundation affiliates.
I have written numerous collie related articles over the past 35 years for the CCA Bulletin, COL, Collie Expressions, Collie Cues, Collie Review and the Cassette. These articles have covered a variety of subjects including health issues, breeding, showing, structure, performance and genetics.
My goal as DAL will be to provide representation. Together we can rekindle enthusiasm in members who feel they have no say in how the Club is run. Together we can support and motivate those who wish to strengthen the impact of our entire membership. Together we can make a difference! For all of these reasons, I would very much appreciate your vote.
Sincerely yours,
Kathy V. Moll 

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  1. Reply Ray Lavelle says:

    Ok, Jules. Since I don’t know anything about this crap, and I trust you, I took your advice. Thanks for the tip!

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