Cole X Blush pups 7 weeks

Categories:Collie litters

Time sure flys when your having lots of fun with 6 roly poly collie pups!!! The pups are doiing great and getting
big and fluffier. They have been exploring new things everyday. They met sheep for the first time this week.
It was really cute seeing them investigate these strange and big creatures. Justin just could not help his little self and
took off towards the sheep to get a closer look. He ran up to the herd and stopped and just stared at them and
they were all at attention and stared back at this teeny ball of fluff. Then Just moved in closer and the sheep
turned and ran….well that was just the best game in the world!!! Justin hauled out after them as fast as his little feet could take him.
I called him and he trotted back with the proudest look on his face like ” Did you see me scare those big ol’ sheepies?!?!?!”

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