CCA President Futh is out of line…….

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The CCA President alone cannot rule on anything. There is a reason that we have a board that serves as representatives of the members. The board must vote to support Futh's action.

If you boil this down to its most component parts—one person is attempting to deprive the membership of a constitutionally called for vote. Whether you are for change or desire the standard to remain as it, it really just boils down to your due process right to vote.

The AKC was given inaccurate information and as such provided an opinion based upon the information it was provided. Just consider the source of who provided the information.  In the absence of law and fact, Futh and others have chosen to confuse the issue by twisting the facts and attempting to confuse those involved.

I plead with all members to write an e-mail to Mr. Futh, and to your DDs, and ask that the vote be counted and asking that the board not vote to support Mr. Futh's actions.

Jennifer Weiner
Edenrock Collies

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