CCA 2010 Herding

So leg 1 of 4 on the road to Coles MVC qualifying is DONE!!!!

I was so excited and nervous that I could not sleep last night…… hence when 5:00 a.m. rolled around this morning I could NOT roll out of bed….. I know I know you people in agility know this is nothing new with us!!

So I grabbed Cole and we raced 90 miles an hour to Perris for the 9:00 a.m. HT handlers meeting.

We made it with plenty of time.

So Cole passed his HT test and now has his HT title!!!!

It so was NOT pretty!!!!! I think since I was so stressed and Cole could feel it he was doing a little avoidance.

He had a great stay and his first get around was fabulous….. Then it got messy. He went off to pee and sniff….on EVERYTHING!!!!! UGH!!!

When I would get him to work he actually looked good and was working!!!

Kudos to people that do herding…. What a tough sport!!!!

Looking forward to agility on Tues and Wed.

Here are the photos I got from today. Sue took photos of Cole during his HT test. When we came out I asked Sue if she got any shots of Cole NOT peeing!!!! I am sure Sue will send those to me as soon as she can:)


Cole and I getting our qualifying ribbons.


Here we are with judge Judy Vanderford.


4 of the 4 passing entries for HT at the CCA Herding Trials Day 1.

3 Responses to CCA 2010 Herding

  1. Reply Jolene says:

    wow!! congratulations on Cole’s HT !!!!!!!!!

  2. Reply ANNIEBIRD1 says:

    woohoo Team Coley! you guys are off to a great start for the CCA specialty. looking forward to watching you this week. congratulations on your HT Denise & Kodi

  3. Reply Liz Moe says:

    Congratulations! Looks like a lot of fun!

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