Breeders Seminar


We attended the 2007 Breeders Seminar put on by The Society for Theriogenology in Monterey, CA.
There were great speakers on very interesting subjects…..Like Dr. C.Lopate on Thyroid, Dr. A. Traas on DNA,
Dr. D. Bleifer on ovulation and Timing and thr very funny Dr. J.Freshman on the first 3 weeks after whelping.

After the seminar we walked and shopped the Old Fishermans Warf and hit the Monterey Aquarium the next day. They have a new Otter exhibit and I have to say they are VERY cute little animals!!!!Otter_sign
Masher was NOT impressed by one of my favorite animals in the whole world…..the Killer Whale!!
I don’t ever regret the decision not to have children…..but this is by far one of the worst problems being childless!!!!

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