Attitude and Perception……

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I truly try to live my life with this in mind…. but I had slipped into some kind of funk when it came to conformation shows. I met a new person at a show over a year ago and she helped me with my attitude adjustment.

I have been attending more and more agility trials and quite frankly I enjoy them more. The people are nicer, the dogs are trained, the dogs have WAY more fun, the grounds are cleaner because agility people pick up after their dogs and the judging is not subjective as in conformation.

I have always known that conformation is very political. I understood that. I was still proud of the dogs I showed. Wether or not I won I felt good if my dogs showed well and had fun. I was ok with that. At the end of the day win or lose I was thrilled I was taking MY dogs home with me! Now don't get me wrong I am a very competitive kinda gal and love to win…. but I knew the game.

So I found myself in a place where I was going to the shows… showing my dogs and leaving. It was becoming to be not so much fun anymore.

I met Char at a show when I was hanging around waiting for my ride. I was watching a lady groom her poodle. So I started asking her a bunch of questions. Turns out she is a gemini too!!! We hit it off from the start. Funny that she had been taking classes at Happy Dog for a while, just on another night so I don't think I had ever seen her.

So we started talking about what shows we were entering and setting up together. We helped each other get our dogs ready and being each others bucket bitches. Since we show different breeds I was finding myself staying at the shows longer and visiting with people and watching other breeds.

It was a whole different experience for me. It was more enjoyable. We laugh at the silliest stuff and have a great time.

Attitude and perception!!!!

 Pomona 002

Me and Char at Pomona…. Char tried holding the camera to get a shot of us and dropped the camera as she was taking the shot…. We got a wonderful shot of just our boobs!!! So I asked a fellow exhibitor to take the photo of us and she asked " Why do you want a photo of you both?" We answered " Why Not?"

Here is a shot of our setup at Pomona! We spent the whole first day chasing the shade…. NOT FUN!!!

We thought we were being smart and moved all our stuff to the center of the shaders for the next day and we STILL were chasing the Shade. We had stuff spread out ALL over the place!!! We occupied about a 30 x 40 foot space. Looked like trailer trash!!! We laughed and laughed!!!

 Pomona 001

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