Attack Collie…..

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I just bathed Crash and wanted to get some pictures of him before he got all gross again….taking puppy shots all by yourself is NOT an easy task…..especially when it’s a wild puppy. I sat down in the driveway and the little bugger just wanted to go and hang out with the sheep. He was in the field posing his little heart out…so I moved and went into the field to be closer. Well he was done posing and just wanted to be in my lap and biting my arm. When he was not attached to me he would run off and pick the biggest horse turd he could find and just stand there like a dork munching. Frustrating to say the least!!!!! I just had to share these pics of Crash the Shutzund Collie!!!!!Dsc_0671

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  1. Reply Cynthia Blue says:

    Awww cute pics! I have a 99 pound collie foster boy right now that I call the Schutzhund Collie, he gives me a good bit on the arm! (Gentle too!)

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