Adria Weiner’s reply to Bob Futh

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First, I wish to reply to two of the statements which were made by our
President regarding the issue of the Petition.

I was at that Presentation which Tom gave at the National.  Indeed, it
was well done, but at NO TIME was that meeting thrown open for
discussion to all.  At the end of Tom’s Presentation he said that we
are done….That meeting was not open for debate and Tom explained that
50+ people replied to the indepth survey, only 8 were in favor of a
change.  Tom then read the comments from the Committee and all but one
member stated they felt the standard was fine.  I only recall Tom
asking committee members any questions or if we understood what he was

I also was in Southern CA at the meeting where Tom basically presented
the same presentation.  At no time was Tom treated with disrespect!
Tom gave a less formal talk at that meeting in which we joined in to
asks questions and discuss the issue.  The one question which I
presented to Tom, was “If the committee surveyed the membership and
found that a majority wanted the standard to include sable merles,
would the committee then act on that survey”  The reply was “it’s not
that simple”.  Now, if you consider that discourteous then I
apologize, but I was trying to determine if  the committee was
planning to act on a survey or was the survey of no consequence to the
final decision of the committee.

The rest of Bob’s comments below, regarding the Petition, will be
addressed to all members of this club.  I think it is time that
everyone knows the facts about the Petition.   I would like to point
out that this is the members club and everyone has a right to express
their opinion!

Thank you,

Adria Weiner

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