Abe quote on Healing

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You see, your bodies are made up of trillions of cells, each holding
the vision of their perfection and of their perfect place in the
perfect whole…

You see Sara, every time anyone, even a tiny little cell in your body
asks for something, it is always given. So when a body is injured in
some way, the cells closest to the injury calculate exactly what they
need to regain their balance and they send out immediate requests.

And instantly, the Energy begins to flow. And all other aspects of
the body, beginn to respond too.

Special helping nutrients of all kinds begin making their way through
the body. And the natural healing begins immediately. And when the
person who lives in this body is happy, or eager, or appreciative,
then the healing is allowed.

But if that person is sad, or angry, or fearful – the healing is
hindered or resisted.

Sara, Book 3, pgs. 112-113

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