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July 5, 2009

Dear Tom, Bob and SRC;

It has been 7 days since the Sable Merle Advocates for Change submitted a list of questions to the Standard Review Committee and our CCA President. These were not just our questions, but questions from those opposed to the change as well. Emotions are passionate on both sides. As yet, we have not received your reply. We are hoping that you are not ignoring this large group of CCA members by not responding. We truly want the answers.

We have heard comments that you feel our questions are too involved, or too long — but we do not feel that they are any more involved than the ones that the SRC sent out to the mentors. We have however, simplified the questions below.

Tom has answered some of our questions, when they were asked by one of our peers, who happens to be opposed to a change in the standard. This has left us wondering why you and Bob can't extend the same courtesy to us.

When the SRC was formed, Bob Futh wrote:

“When they have completed their review, it will be brought before the entire membership for continued discussion, and we can move on from there.”

And then later, we heard from Tom:

”Rational, intelligent discussion rather than emotional polarization is our choice of how to proceed."

Lastly, Tom wrote:

“The reason that we are using the Tellers Committee is because of the current atmosphere of distrust in this club.”

It is our feeling that perhaps an “intelligent, continued discussion” and answers to our list of questions would help to dispel that “distrust."

Questions to which we still request answers are these:

1. Is the survey/poll document considered an "official CCA ballot?"

2. If the answer to # 1 is yes, then was there a special meeting called using one of the 4 means required by CCA by-laws allowing the SRC to call for an official vote? The purpose of the SRC was originally to "survey" members.

3. Is the survey/poll intended to supersede the "one statement, yes or no ballot" – deadline July 8?

4. Will the Teller's Committee count the "yes" & "no" votes on all poll questions, and will the TC tabulate all the answers to the survey?

5. Usually, the TC keeps everything for a specified period and then disposes of it in keeping with a secret ballot and CCA bylaws, so will they follow this procedure with your document?

6. What is the purpose of the signature on the document?

7. How will the information in the survey/poll be used and presented and by whom will it be used and presented?

8. Do we understand correctly that the survey portion of the survey/poll previously collected by Tom has been counted by the SRC?

9. If the answer to #8 is yes, do those who turned it all in previously need to fill out the poll only for the Teller's Committee?

10. What has happened to the survey/poll sheets that were filled out and mailed or turned in by members earlier at the national and elsewhere? Who has these documents?

So that you understand that we are "worthy" of answers, we would like to share. Eight of us compiled and proofed the questions sent to you on behalf of an e-group with approximately 150 members. Of the 8 drafters, 6 of us have 20 to 40 years experience as collie fanciers/exhibitors/breeders/CCA members. We are lawyers, teachers, executives, and business owners. We are not "uneducated beginners." We are dedicated to the collie and its future, do not like being ignored, and would appreciate answers to our questions.

Candi Sapp

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