2013 AKC National Agility Championship , Tulsa OK

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Daneen Fox & NAC Masher


What a WILD ride this was!!! Masher has been to 5 AKC NAC's and they have all been fun and stressful!!!

2009 – The first year was he was just a baby dog and he and Daneen made it to the finals round. There was a wicked dog walk tunnel descrimination and well he took the tunnel and not the dog walk. they had a great run otherwise.

2010 – The next year I was not there and they had an oopsie in the challenger's round and did not make it to the finals.

2011 – The following year they had an oopsie in the hybrid round after 2 first places in the first 2 rounds and then they had an oopsie in the Challengers round.

2012 – Last year was amazing!!! They smoked every class they were in and made it to the finals. They had an oopsie on the Dog walk and well that was that.

2013 – This year they also won the 4 classes leading up to the finals so there was this feeling of not wanting to repeat what happened last year. Talk about stressful!!!!

They had some fast and furious runs and the finals run was no different!!! Masher was on fire!!!

From the nose bleeds seats it looked like the teeter was super close and after we watched the videos over and over it did hit before his feet left the board. It was close tho 🙂

Masher and Daneen had the second fastest time in all heights in the finals after Pace the Border Collie.

From a groom's point of view I have to say that I am one thankful person that this one is out of the way. Daneen and Masher always give it 110% when they step up to the line but now the "extra" pressure is not there. Whew!!!

Looking forward to next year.

Well Done you two!!!!

AKC Nationals 2013 Winners

Congratulations to all The 2013 AKC NAC Winners and participants!!!

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