2009 AKC Agility National

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This was my first time going to the AKC National…. and THANK GOD I was only spectating. It was so high charged I can’t imagine being there and competing this year….a year or two down the line…maybe!

Masher and Daneen really made an impression. That little dog had 4 out of 5 clean runs and 4  first places!!! Masher’s times were smoking!!! In round 2 jumpers he beat EVERY dog’s time there … and there were over 900 dogs competing. Masher is just 2 1/2 years old and his first trial was March 22, 2008!!! Daneen ran Masher in 8″ in Round 1 ,2 & 3 and 14″ in the ISC classes.I am so proud of Daneen and little Masher!!! Masher took first place in 8″ and 14″ runs.

I saw lots of great runs!! There were a few drivey Collies and a REALLY nice black & White Dalmatian!!!

We had a blast!!!! There were so many nice people and all the CA people that were very supportive… it just made it all the more fun!!!!

Carol Minter sent us this video of Masher’s round 2 run. I can’t wait to get the photos from this event!!        Course yards was 133 and Mashy did it in 23.98!!!!

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